SGL Rules and Scoring

League Rules & Scoring 

(this pertains to our Traditional Full League Play)

General Rules

  • Tee Time: 5:30 Sharp!
  • Play Fast
  • If you start on the FRONT stay on the FRONT
  • If you start on the BACK stay on the BACK
  • Turn in your scorecard with you actual scores, we will do the handicapping
  • Scorecards can be turned into Commish or the ProShop
  • If you are out of the hole then pick up your ball and save us all some time!
  • All out of Bounds and Lost balls: one stroke penalty, no loss of distance.
  • Drop ball w/in 2 club lengths, no closer to the hole, where it crossed o.b., or was lost.
  • Max score is 8 on Par 3s and 4s, 10 on Par 5s
  • Handicap – We don’t need official handicaps here at SGL, just a rough estimate will do to get you started. If you know your 18 hole handicap, just divide that by 2 and that’s your 9 hole handicap. If you don’t know what your handicap is, just take what you normally shoot in a round and subtract 72. That is your 18 handicap, so just take half that and that is your 9. Example – You normally shoot around 100. You minus 72 (average par for a course), so you would be a 28 for 18, and thus your 9 hole handicap would be 14. Easy. Once you start playing, we will automatically keep track of your SGL handicap for you and it will become adjusted over time to match your recorded rounds.


  • Each team consist of an “A” player and “B” player with the “A” player having the lower handicap
  • “A” player will match up against your opponents “A” player and “B” player vs. “B” player.
  • Therefore there are 2 matches going on in each 4some.
  • The strokes representing each player’s handicap are used regardless of your opponent’s handicap (i.e. we do not net handicaps) If you are an 8 you will get a stroke on the 8 hardest holes.  If your opponent is a 10 he will get strokes on all 9 holes and 2 strokes on the hardest handicapped hole. Therefore on your scorecard you need to write down your actual scores.
  • 1 point per hole, ½ point each awarded if the hole is tied, for a total of 9 available points in the A vs. A matchup and 9 points available in the B vs. B matchup for a total of 18 available points match plus 1 point for the team low net score  (combined team score after adjusting for handicaps).  Therefore a total of 19 points per match
  • Points are accumulated and tracked as a running total throughout the season.

SGL Course Play – this is a one-time event, show up, hop in your cart, take off after announcements and go play 9 holes in a fun and competitive atmosphere.  Contest Holes, prizes, 2 person teams.  So sign up as a single and get paired up or sign up with a partner.

SGL Tournament – Can be either 9 hole or 18 hole events (see event detail).  Typically will be a 4 person scramble format.  Scores kept and handed in to determine the winning team.

GLO Golf – After dark is when the fun really begins!  This is a 9 hole 4 person scramble using LED GLO in the dark golf balls and LED fairway and Pin markers.  So GLO Big or GLO Home!